Electronic Press Kit: Selecta Iray

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  • Representing Reggae & Dancehall music since 2009
  • Switzerland’s Soca Ambassador
  • Specialist for Afro Beats from the west to the east

Selecta Iray is not only a DJ, but also a Event-Host, Radio-Host and patron of many artists based in Switzerland, Holland as well as the UK. As backing-DJ he is also able to offer extraordinary combinations by completing a dancehall party with the best singers and MCs like Samora (Surinam/NL), Pesa Bazz (Congo/CH) and more. Get in touch to discuss further combinations.


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Creativity, innovation and a lot of dedication. This is the formula that makes Selecta Iray touring from Dancehall to Dancehall, from “fete to fete”. The title of “selecta” instead of “DJ” was therefore chosen intentionally. It means to have a strong focus on the selection of the music in the first place.
Therefore Selecta Iray manages to convince with a fine chosen selection of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Afro Beats – well fused with recent Urban-Tunes, Latin Hits and refreshing hostings on the microphone – and has established himself as one of Switzerland’s leading and most versatile DJs in the area of Caribbean and African Music. Combining music from different areas of the world always was important to Iray’s Selections, since 2009 his sets always include songs independently from where they come form.




Soaked in Soca



Selecta Iray erhält den Viva Con Agua Artist of the Year Award


Selecta Iray gewinnt den SOS Impact Soundclash

Selecta Iray at Overjam 2018 (Live Stream)


Iray @ Caribbean Cruise ls. Trin-T