Creativity, innovation and a lot of dedication. This is the formula
with which Selecta Iray (also known from Switzerland’s Sound-Collective „Uppressor’s Sound“) is touring from Dancehall to Dancehall. The title of “Selecta” instead of “DJ” was therefore chosen intentionally to point out Iray’s unique Sound-Selection.
Selecta Iray manages to convince with a fine chosen selection of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Afro Beats – well fused with recent Urban Hits and refreshing hostings on the microphone. He has established himself as one of Switzerland’s leading and most versatile DJs in the area of Caribbean and Afro Beats.

His musical inspiration he draws from his numerous travels to Africa and the Caribbean. Back in Switzerland he wants to return something to the rich culture that is behind the music he plays. That’s why he commits himself to different aspects in the music scene in order to support the presence of the so loved but often yet unknown and underrated musical genres on the Swiss platforms. In the past 14 years he got himself involved as:

Radio Host, Music Editor, Artist Manager, Music Producer as well as organizer of concerts and festivals.