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2019 Soca Mix (Live Recording incl. Hosting, 18.5.19)

2019 Live Soca Mix! Selected and Hosted by Selecta Iray. Free Download here: 

31. Oktober 2019 0

Selecta Iray Birthday Bash 2019!

© by Roger Landolt

10. Mai 2019 0

CHALE – The Afrobeats Invasion Mixtape (Iray juggling his mind pt. 3)

Selecta Iray is juggling his mind again! After years of studying and listening to music from the big continent, this is what comes to his mind. Finest Afro Beats Selection: From the mainstream to the mostly unknown. Mixed and selected by Selecta Iray from Switzerland’s Uppressor’s Crew.

16. November 2018 0

DI FETE SOLD OUT! – Official Swiss Soca Festival Mix (2018)

Official mix for the Swiss Soca Festival 2018. The mix was released right after the Festival-passes were sold out! – Thats why we call the thing „DI FETE SOLD OUT!“.      

18. September 2018 0

„Iray touching topics“ – Caribbean Music Festival Mix (2017)

„Iray touching topics“ is a short-mix-serie where the mixes are following a certain topic. Check it yourslef. This was the official mix for the Caribbean Music Festival in Liverpool.    

18. September 2018 0

ENCHANTING (Iray juggling his mind pt. 2) (2016)

ENCHANTING is the second part of „Iray juggling his mind“ – a mix that content-wise is building up on Vybz Kartel’s song „Enchanting“.

18. September 2018 0

MAD PEOPLE TIME (Soca-Video-Mix 2015)

Mad People Time was Iray’s first Video-Mixtape. Videos during the whole Mix show lyrics and pictures representing the Mad People Time Mood.    

18. September 2018 0

TECHNICALLY (Selecta Iray juggling his mind) (2016)

Technically is the first edition of „Iray Juggling his mind“ – a mix-series which tells stories straight out of the mind of Selecta Iray. The topics and stories of the whole mix build up on the first Song „Technically“.

18. September 2018 0

Caribbean Fever: Soca Special – Phase 2 „High-Grade“ Fever (2014)

Part two of the Soca Fever series which was meant to spread the fever all over the country.

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